GTA V Online: Fast Money ᴴᴰ


In this Video you can see a friend of mine giving me a huge amound of money after robbing a store.

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This Money-Glitch is available on: Playstation 4 (Ps4), Playstation 3 (Ps3), Xbox one, Xbox 360 and PC.


  1. Vil du ikke skrive en komatar på min youtube kanal min vender tror ik, der
    er en kendt der vil skrive til mig😢

  2. Just joined a session no more than 5 mins ago and this guy had it raining
    money and I went from 140k to like 2 billion but before I could turn it in
    I DC’d from PSN if anybody else can make it rain money let me know yo psn
    fam lol

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